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“All that we are is a result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become”, said Lord Buddha.
Welcome to the Galaxy of Human Brain - an internal cosmos that lies contained within our skulls!There is nothing in this world, and even outside, that an enlightened and empowered brain cannot achieve. From times immemorial, human brain has manifested its superior abilities to excel in different genres of science, art and spirituality. An average human being uses only 2% of his or her brain whereas Einstein, the science genius, used 12% of his mental capabilities. We, at India Memory Club, strive to maximize the hidden and unused powers of the brain through scientifically proven centuries old brain development techniques, once used by ancient civilizations…..


India Memory Club is all about developing brain power, memory, concentration and numerous undiscovered abilities of the human mind.
Such enlightened and sagacious children will outshine others in not only Board and Competitive Exams, but also in all other walks of life.
India Memory Club has taken an initiative to transform Memory as a sport in the country. The only recognised brain sport is chess till now, but the club along with other international associates is bent upon making memory as a sport.
If we look at the examination structure, it is nothing but the test of child’s memory. And it is because of this that children are living under a constant stress and they have somehow forgotten laughing because of this stress level. But if the same memory is accepted as sport and is being played as sport the stress level of these children can be brought massively.
Sport has always been rated as something which gives pleasure to the children. India Memory Club is focussing on giving this pleasure to children so that they can excel in their lives.


Our ability to remember is being eroded day by day. Most of the students are not aware of scientific methods of memorisation, hence they are going through a lot of stress and failure. Be it a student or a professional or any adult, memory is at the heart of everything we do -  academics, examinations, communication, creativity, and thinking - indeed it is the root of our existence. Hence, there is a need to train and practice memory as a sport, as a hobby so that we remain active throughout our life. Participation in this Memory championship will give an opportunity for the students to master these techniques and excel in their examinations.
The idea of conducting Memory Championships is to promote Memory Sports in India and Show Case India’s brain power to the world. Learning and practicing these Memory techniques will help students/ participants to understand their brain functionality, better and there by learn to use it effectively in their studies, in their personal and professional life too. Students can use these techniques to easily remember their text books for their academic success. Alternately, this will also help build India with positive mind power and mentally healthy nation. The aim is to produce a World Memory Champion from our country in a few years from now.

Super Memory Booster Programme

Can you recall the names of all your Grade 1 classmates and teachers?
Can you memorize names and phone numbers of 1000 people in 1 hour?
Can you memorize whole of the Oxford Dictionary?
Y E S, Y O U C A N !

“Forget forgetting by making your mind a bigger place” is the main motive of India Memory Club. The club endowes photographic memory tothe learner and an extremely powerful ability to recall. The club also aims to bring major improvements in creativity and imagination of the student.

The club helps you to:
  • Remember what you read, write and hear
  • Remember names, phone numbers, bank a/cs, dates & anniversaries
  • Improve grades in Schools, Colleges, Competitions
  • Memorize long verses, long answers
  • Memorize essay type answers
  • Memorize FORMULAE
  • Memorize History dates

The Club promotes the Memory techniques or mnemonics which are a system of 'memory codes' that enables people to remember perfectly, whatever they wish to remember. Experiments with these techniques have shown that if a person scores 4 out of 10 normally, using such a technique he could score 10 out of 10. Our techniques ensure that your child does not need any kind of Tuition or extra classes. This technique is framed to develop a super memory, which is inevitable for an outstanding performance. The students who lack self-confidence due to various reasons can become a winner through these techniques.

The techniques have been devised keeping in great view the examination system of our country. In our country, exams mean the test of memory of the student. Whether it is history, physics, biology or chemistry, in exams the test is what we have studied, how much we have remembered and how perfectly can we recall. A better memory therefore can mean better academic results.